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Volume III / Number 02: January 25, 2002: Page 7
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      Answering Mail
A Guy's Opinion

Dear Richard,

I like reading your articles and input because it gives me a better idea of how another guy sees low carb eating. (All my low carbing friends are female.) I have decided to start purchasing some of the special low-carb products and would be interested to hear which ones are your personal favorites (outside the rest of the gang over there that does reviews etc.)

Any thoughts?


Mark Mason

Dear Mark,

Thanks for writing for my opinion.   Even though I do participate in the Low Carb Luxury product review group, and as such help to determine what products get reviewed and featured on the website and in the newsletter, I don't often get to express my individual favorites. So here they are:

Irenes (Low Carb) Gluten Bread:
Featured last issue in the newsletter as one of our Products Of The Month, I have become really fond of this low carb (4 carbs per slice) bread. It boasts a more chewy consistency than the "standard supermarket white" breads because of its high gluten content — of course that's what makes it so low carb. I now much prefer it to the whimpy old fall-apart high carb breads. There are a few bread machine low carb breads that Lora makes, and while I very much like those (that girl has it down to a science!), you can't beat the convenience of grabbing a pre-baked, pre-sliced loaf and slapping a stack 'o meat between two slices. And when my wife makes me her famous Tuna Melts, Irene's Bread is the best.

Keto Hot Cocoa Mix:
The newest version of Keto Hot Cocoa mixes great and tastes just as good. It's super on those cold nights to warm up your insides. I find I actually sleep better when I have a steamy cup of this cocoa before bed... Yeah, I know... sounds kinda "girly"... but so be it — I love it. A splash of DaVinci Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup makes it even better. This cocoa is thick and has a great chocolate flavor. (Lora makes mine with 1/3 Almond Milk; 1/3 cream; and 1/3 water.)

Keto Ketato Mix:
A staple at our house. Ketatoes don't quite match potatoes in consistency, but then I wouldn't expect them to. I've gotten quite used to them and now they're "my mashed potatoes", and much better for me than those starchy things I used to eat that put me right to sleep! I like to load them up with low-carb homemade gravy, and cover them with pepper. (Make them according to Lora's directions here at LCL and not according to label directions, for best results!)

Atkins Ready-To-Drink Strawberry Shakes:
I've tried a number of low-carb canned shakes, and just wasn't astounded until Atkins Ready-To-Drink shakes came along. Tasting more like Nestles Strawberry Quik than a low-carb shake, it has a great, rich (and sweet) berry flavor and is loaded up with vitamins and minerals. Plus, unlike "Slim Fast", there's no pesky sugar to negate the goodness you get from those nutrients. This makes a great breakfast drink for those early mornings on the go.

Chapman's Sugar Free Ice Cream:
Only available from Canada (we bring it back with us several times a year and fill up the freezer), this Maltitol and Splenda sweetened Ice Cream isn't afraid to keep the fat in. This makes for the best tasting (store bought) low-carb/low-sugar ice cream out there. They offer a host of flavors — Chocolate, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Neopolitan, and Cookies 'n Creme. (The cookie part in the Cookies 'n Creme flavor do contain NutraSweet, though.) And remember — as with most sugar alcohol-containing products, excessive comsumption does cause a laxative effect, so don't over indulge.

Keto Nuts (Almonds):
A handy, sweet low carb snack comes our way in the form of this chocolate covered nut treat from Keto. While they do offer three varieties (Almonds, Macadamias, and Pecans) the Almond are my favorites. Loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, (and no sugar alcohols), these are a guilt free treat. I love to snack on these in front of my favorite television shows. Yeah, I know.. you shouldn't eat in front of the television.. but if you're going to (and I am), these are an excellent choice.

Missing in Action:

Cottee's Sugar Free Gelatin:
A diet (sugar free zero carb) gelatin, Splenda-sweetened? What more could you ask for? The leading brand (Sugar Free Jell-O) uses NutraSweet (aspartame) for sweetening, so this low key gelatin mix filled a good niche market. With some whipped cream on top, you'd really be in for a treat. Cottee's Sugar Free Gelatin came in Lime, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon, and Strawberry. My very favorite was combining the Lemon and Lime flavors and making them with club soda instead of water. It was sort of a jiggly 7-Up  . Unfortunately Cottee's Sugar Free Gelatins became unavailable for reasons unknown about six months ago. They will be missed.

Diet Slim Jones Lime Cola:
The best diet soft drink I've ever had, bar none. You couldn't really taste the lime per se — rather it served to give the cola an edge albeit a smooth one. I would venture to say that I enjoyed this diet soft drink better than any "regular" soda I had before I gave up sugar. Unfortunately, the company didn't seem to agree with me, and ceased production of this drink about a year ago. They continue to offer two diet flavors, and while pretty good, they can't hold a candle to their Diet Lime Cola.


A Trip North

Dear Lora,

My husband and I will be going to Toronto on business in 3 weeks, and seeing mentions at your site of things we can get there that we can't get in America prompts me to ask if you could send a list of things we might look for while there...

Also, do they sell liquid Splenda in Canada?


Sandra & John Caplett

Dear Sandra & John —

Sadly, no, as of now, they don't sell liquid Splenda in Canada. We are asked often where it can be had, and the fact is, for the time being, we know of NO source for it. I hope that changes soon.

Hope you have a great time in Toronto. We always enjoy our trips to Cananda, though we don't go to Toronto, so you might find other neat things, and be unable to find some of the things on my list.

We always bring a cooler back in the trunk with the frozen or chilled items.
  • Olivina:
    This is a true trans-fat free margarine made from pure pressed olive oil that's really delicious as well as healthy. I get this at any of the A&P stores in Ontario.
  • Carnation Canned Thick Cream:
    Great to keep in the pantry.
  • e.d. smith's No-Sugar Jams & Jelly:
    They are Splenda sweetened.
  • Smucker's Jams and Jellies:
    They are Splenda sweetened in Canada, even though they are aspartame sweetened in the U.S.
  • Clearly Canadian Diet:
    They can sometimes be found in the U.S., but I have an easier time getting them in Canada.
  • Seaman's Beverages:
    Great Splenda sweetened soft drinks. They can be hard to find even in Canada, but if you find them, they're worth the search. We've found them in LOEB Stores, Green Gables Stores, and COSTCO/Price Club.
  • Diet Crush sodas:
    In Orange, Cream Soda, and sometimes in Grape. In Canada they are Splenda sweetened.
  • Mr. Freeze Freezer Pops:
    Splenda sweetened and delicious. Hard to find in off-Summer months. I get them in Zeller's stores.
  • Chapman's No Sugar Ice Creams:
    They're in most grocery stores and are sweetened with Splenda and Maltitol. They come in Dutch Chocolate, Butterscotch Ripple, Neopolitan, Cookies 'n Creme, and Vanilla.
  • Hunt's Juicy Gels:
    Pre-made Splenda sweetened Jell-o type cups.
Have a wonderful time and hope you find lots of low carb goodies!


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