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You Can Make a Difference

How it all Began...

I began the Low Carb Luxury website in June of 1999 originally a venture of a simply personal nature. I'd started sharing recipes, product information as I'd find it, and trying to research everything I could get my hands on. In a short period of time, the site began to take on a life of its own as it grew and grew. Each time visitors wrote asking for help or information, I'd do my best to try to find their answers and often the answers would prove helpful to many and would be the start of a new area, a new article, or a new recipe.

Over the months, Low Carb Luxury became a family venture with my husband and son jumping in to be of help and both becoming official "low-carbers." People were asking for more product reviews and we obliged. A group of volunteers from work helped out and their number grew as well. Soon we had a full-fledged, regularly meeting group of evaluation team members for recipe development and product reviews. About four times a month (sometimes more), we meet and put new low-carb specialty products through their paces. If they perform well, taste good, and are diet-effective, they make our spotlight. We've been so gratified at the many letters of thank you we receive each day from our visitors and are so glad we can be of help.
Together it works...
Because of our desire to maintain a non-biased view of products, we do not take advertising at the site. We feel you get a better site packed with information, reviews, recipes, news, and opinion pieces if you aren't fighting against banner ads, pop-ups, or web-commercials. So other than taking limited sponsorship ads for our newsletter ONLY (and that's what keeps the newsletter going!), we are ad-free. Most of the rest of the expense of running the site, buying food for the recipes, and countless trips to the grocery, health food stores, and online shopping for lots of product reviews falls to our family and volunteers to provide. It's a burden we've been happy to bear, but one that's grown more difficult over time. Many, many visitors have written and asked if there is something more they can do. After struggling with this decision for some time, we finally decided to make a place for people to help if they chose to.

"...we're all in this together."

Our site will always be free. We'll never charge a single visitor for what we offer and we hope to be here giving back and trying to make a difference for a long time to come. If you want to help us with this mission by donating, are two ways to help:
  • Help With The Site:
    Donate recipes, write articles, or help scout for news. We are always happy to have input from our readers! If you want to send something for the site, please e-mail it to:
  • Make a One Time Donation:
    Make a monetary donation toward our operating expenses. Whether you donate $5, $25, or $50, it will mean a lot to the work we do here.
  • Sign Up for Monthly Donations:
    Much like a subscription, this voluntary monthly donation will allow us to keep a budget going so that the site and its features can continue to grow. Please consider a commitment to $5, $10, $20, or $25 per month.

There are two ways to donate (both for one-time donations and for monthly planned donations):
  • By Check or Money Order:
    You can mail your donation check(s) to us. They should be made out to Lora Ruffner and sent to P.O. Box 602, Dayton, OH 45402. Please include your email address so that we can properly thank you.
  • By Online Payment:
    You can do so with your credit card or checking account through the very popular PayPal. This can be from your checking account, or via a credit card. Click on the appropriate logo button below to proceed.

For a One-Time Donation:

For Monthly Planned Donations:


 A Note From Richard:
I'm Lora's husband, Richard. I just felt I had to say a little something on this page as well. I wanted you to know how hard it was for Lora to come to the decision to put this page here and be willing to take any help at all. She's a strong lady that thinks she can save the world (and damn, if she isn't trying), but of course no matter how headstrong she is, everyone needs help sometimes. I watch her get up an hour or two early in the morning before her "real" work, and begin answering mail; uploading a new paper; finishing up an article. I sometimes catch her up until 3AM working on her research for a newsletter story or doing the photography for new products. She has helped thousands of people with her selfless efforts, and I am very proud of her. Should you feel that you would like to contribute something to the running of Low Carb Luxury, here is your chance. It is a no pressure, no guilt opportunity to give a little something back to the effort, if you feel you would like to. May your journeys all be successful!


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