Low Carb Cookies from Pleasantville Cookie Company!
Cookies closeup For a long time, we've been searching for a truly great tasting low carb cookie — pre-made to eat when you want, made from safe and nutritious low carb ingredients (no trans fats, no sugar alcohols, no aspartame, no wheat, and for those who avoid it, no soy.) We've found them! Pleasantville Cookie Company offers terrific low carb cookies that we heartily endorse and now, you can order them directly from the Low Carb Luxury site!  Simply click on the Add to Cart buttons below to make your selections.  The cookies are made with almond flour, eggs, and Splenda! At only 3 grams of carbohydrate per cookie, you can stay on your low carb plan and eat your cookies too! 
   All orders are handled, filled, and billed through Pleasantville Cookie Company (lowcarbcookies), and not Low Carb Luxury.

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Chocolate Cookies - 1 Bag

Rich, hearty chocolate flavor for those times when nothing else will do.


Peanut Butter Cookies - 1 Bag

The yummy taste of peanut butter, combined with a hint of cinnamon, makes this cookie the favorite of many.


Maple Cookies - 1 Bag

A subtle, smooth taste of maple with a hint of cinnamon and a drop of hazelnut for an utterly yummy experience.  Goes great with a cup of coffee.


Almond Cookies - 1 Bag

The soft almond and buttery mix of this cookie will keep you coming back for more.


Bake Mix - 1 Bag

Now you can make your own low carb cookies and other treats with our special blend of Almond flour, Splenda, and natural spices. 
                      Makes 16 cookies.
            Free recipe book included!


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