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Is Butter Better?
by Allan Spreen, M.D.

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 7 (Yahoo! Health)

What's the deal with low-fat butter substitutes? Are they good for me?

Artificial "butters" are a bad deal. Basically, they're plastic butter. The body cannot handle the "trans" fatty acids that are formed in their production, and they are toxic for the body. Since the calories are the same, go with real butter and enjoy yourself.

The world is just beginning to figure out what the older nutritionists knew all along: Fat in the diet is not the problem. This includes saturated fat (which is the only one that does not go rancid). This is why there are all sorts of "new" diets promoting more fat and protein in the diet, including the Steak Lover's Diet, the Zone, the Protein Power Diet and, of course, the one that started it all: the Atkins Diet.

Beware of anything artificial. Almost universally, its only purpose is cost-cutting for the manufacturer.