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    Journal - Third Quarter 1999  

The stories that you tell about your past shape your future.       

July thru September 1999:

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September 1999:

September 22, 1999: Well, my son's wedding went off without a hitch and thank God I was comfortable in my clothes and with my weight-loss. Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to this journal. When you're gone for a time, work has a habit of building up and waiting for your return. I am still not caught up (surprise!)

The good news is that we had a good time and I've stayed faithful to the diet - even at a reception filled with tables of sweets. The bad news is that I tend to plateau on trips (I think it's the stress), and when I came back I started that "time of the month", so the plateau continued. In the last few weeks I've only lost 4 lbs, so I'm at a 66 lb total loss right now. I'm pretty happy about that, though.

August 1999:

August 27, 1999: Odd things have begun to happen... well, I guess they're not odd, but they're surely strange to me. When I lay in bed, I turn a certain way and realize that it's not comfortable because I'm jabbing myself with a bone. A bone? There? I didn't know I had bones there! I'm feeling parts of my body I'd forgotten I had. My sense of "self" has begun to totally change. I'm sure it's been happening somewhat all through the weight-loss process, but it feels so real now.

My son is getting married in a week. My goal had been to lose 60 lbs before the wedding so I could look good and feel comfortable. I'm just walking on air that I have lost 62 lbs as of yesterday! I walked into a dress shop and purchased a pale cream colored brocade suit - very tailored jacket with skirt. I never thought I could pull off wearing something like that. Yippeee!! Thank you, Dr. Atkins!

August 16, 1999: I have not been good about getting my thoughts to paper (well.. to html page) because life has been stressful of late. I found a breast lump that was soon accompanied by discomfort and it scared the @#*!% out of me. I got into the doctor's office as soon as possible and he did an exam and referred me for a diagnostic mammogram. Problems in getting my baselines from a hospital that closed when merging with a larger one, and a further error with the receptionist that made a clerical mistake in my records made the results take forever to come and made for many, many sleepless nights.

I'll be very honest that there were times there that I saw very little point in staying on my diet and came so close to grabbing for some sugar, french fries.. anything, that it's a miracle I was able to stay strong.
I am happy to report that not only did I stay on my diet and keep the faith, but that the test results proved negative for cancer. A terrible fear for me as I lost my mother to cancer only last Fall and had an aunt with breast cancer two years ago.
Weight loss is up to 57 lbs! My son's wedding is in a little over 2 weeks and I wanted so much to look good in a dress (yes, I'm more at home in jeans) and my goal was to lose 60 lbs before the wedding. I just might make that goal!! :)

July 1999:

July 21, 1999: Still running on a super-busy schedule, but wanted to check in with a progress report. As of this morning, I'm at a 53 lb weight loss. Yippee! My lunches every day now consist of either a left-over from a low-carb meal made the night before, or sandwiches made on those great Bran-a-Crisp crackers. It's all so second-nature now. I seem to have settled into a 10 lb per month loss schedule.

July 2, 1999: I've been very swamped with work issues lately and have had no time to keep the page updated. I am going to try to keep updates going here now on a regular basis.

Well, it's July and I'm up to a 45 lb weight loss! Yeah! I survived a substantial plateau, and while it was hard at times I stayed true to the diet. No, I didn't try to "jump start" it.. but there were times I thought about it. I no longer have any worries that I might not make it this time... it's basically an inner peace. I like this new life!