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    Journal - First Quarter 2004  

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur. *       

January thru March 2004:

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top. (If you're reading the journal for the first time, you might wish to start where I began
(the 3rd Quarter of 1999) and go to the bottom to begin reading.

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February 2004:

February 21, 2004:
Back from Chicago. It was so much fun. We had the last day just to run around, explore, and try some of the local cuisine. Kyle took us to Bob Chinn's Thursday night (an amazing seafood restaurant!) and Neil and I found a couple of other great places to eat the next day.

Neil got some of the most gorgeous shots of the city and a series of night shots of this little Serbian Monastary that look nearly magical. I'll have to add those to his portfolio. God, he's become a great photographer.

Now we're getting ready for the trip to Anaheim to the Expo West Tradeshow. So much going on now! We've taken Low Carb Luxury Magazine to a once-a-month format. Every two weeks was far too much to keep up with now that we're working with Low Carb Energy Magazine.

February 19, 2004:
In Chicago. Staying at the Crown Plaza. It's lovely. We met with Kyle Cox, his wife Karen, and one of their associates. What great people. We look forward to working with them on Low Carb Energy Magazine!

They issued a press release about our new partnership. You can read it here.

February 16, 2004:
Back from South Carolina and have a ton of stuff to do in the next 24 hours before Neil and I leave for Chicago to meet with the Low Carb Energy Magazine publishers about our working with them. I will join as their Associate Publisher. Neil will join as their Art Director.

I have an appointment with my eye doctor tomorrow before I leave town to see if I can manage to wear contacts again. I wore them for years until I developed corneal dystrophy and had to stop. But it's been a long time and I've had no problems with the CD in over a year so I am hoping to try again.

February 13, 2004:
I'm off to South Carolina to see my son for his birthday. Haven't spent a birthday with him in several years. And with the travel plans I have for the rest of the year, I suspect it will get harder and harder to find the time to visit. So Neil suggested this might be a good time.

January 2004:

January 30, 2004:
Neil and I are taking Low Carb Luxury to C-Corp status... we have an appointment with an attorney to get it done. And Neil will be my full partner in LCL. He's been a huge part of what we do here for so long, it just makes sense to make it official.

We've trademarked the Low Carb Luxury name as well.

January 25, 2004:
Well, I'm back from the Summit. It went great. I got past my nerves and did well with speaking in front of a packed house. I think the highlight was probably the first night's Speakers' Dinner, though. It was my chance to meet so many of the people I'd spoken to by phone and email over the last 4 to 5 years and never met in person. Meeting Paul Chalupsky (Castus), Arne Bey (Keto), Karen Rysavvy (Truly Low Carb), and so many others was just a joy for me. And I was glad Neil had the opportunity to meet so many of them as well. He was a natural with the crowd and everyone loved him. (He cleans up real pretty too!) Elaine Payne (Low Carb Connoisseur) arrived mid-way through the dinner and we "hung out" together through most of the Summit. She's an amazing woman and I am so glad to call her a friend.

I used my time to speak to address the concerns of consumers... especially our readers here at LCL. I explained to these industry folks how important it truly is to listen to all of you. When you write them; when you call them; they NEED to pay attention. Your concerns must be addressed. I believe they actually listened and it amazed me the reaction I got. People actually applauded several times when I spoke. I hope I helped to make a difference.

Arne's keynote speech was mesmerizing and I was so proud of him and all that Keto has accomplished. They truly are some of the real "good guys" in this industry.

It was also a thrill meeting and talking with Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades of Protein Power fame. Their speeches were inspired.

It was a life-changing event and I am so grateful to have had a chance to be a part of it.

Neil and I spoke to the publishers of Low Carb Energy Magazine (we were very impressed with them) and believe we'll be working on some association with them...

An excellent 4 days... Neil and I had a blast. Good friends, good food, amazing weather, great information. And we had a little fun with the fact that a big "vampire convention" was in town as well. Denver was definitely a trip. The food at the "Village Inn" restaurant (who offered a low carb menu) was to die for.

January 20, 2004:
We leave tomorrow for Denver. Plane tickets are in order. Hotel reservations are in order. Car Rental is in order. It's only myself that does not feel in order. Nerves are simply overtaking me. Why is that? I've spoken to groups before. Why does this feel so huge?

Wednesday night is the Speakers' Dinner at the Sheraton. Then Thursday morning is my panel talk. There are lots of other events throughout the day (and on Friday) and then Thursday night is a special dinner for those working on the newly formed Low Carb Consumer's League.

Let's go change the world.

January 8, 2004:
So glad the holidays are over. They seemed much more stressful to me this year than in a very long time. I always miss my Mom so much at Christmas, and this was the first year in a long time not to spend it married and "stable" feeling, so it was definitely a drain.

All Christmas stuff (and I didn't do much) is down and packed. Thank goodness.

Here's hoping for a great 2004. It's certainly going to be different than previous years. Not just for me personally, but for low carb period. So much has changed...

*Anything in Latin sounds profound.