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    Journal - First Quarter 2003  

A compliment is not worth anything until it's given away.       

January thru March 2003:

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March 2003:

March 8, 2003:
I have to keep this one short, but wanted to post a really quick update since people start to worry about me when I don't post here regularly.

So, some really good stuff to talk about, and unfortunately one really bad thing.   Let's do the good stuff first (and this is all real abbreviated... I'll be back as soon as I can to flesh it all out a bit better.) To begin, I've been doing very well diet-wise. Have lost another 6 pounds since last report and am feeling so great about it all now. I was concerned I was never gonna get to goal. And you all KNOW the riduculous stalls I have suffered through. Almost there now. Yes!!!

You also all know by now how much I adore Coldplay (my favorite band in the world.) Well, on February 2nd, (almost 3rd since it stretched past midnight) I got to MEET them. Yes, it was so, SO amazing. If you're on our forums, you already know about it (plus most of the details!) We were staying in the same hotel as they were when I was out of town (in St. Louis), and attended their concert the next night. Amazing, amazing, amazing... (Oh, and they won 2 Grammys two weeks ago, as well as giving a great performance on the Grammys show.)

While in St. Louis, I also got to see friends I had not seen in twelve to thirteen years. Friends that had not seen me with the weight off. What a great week that was! Let me tell you people, never let dear friends slip from your life. You won't always be fortunate enough to get them back. I am blessed that I was... because they were as wonderful as I remembered them.

From there, you might recall I had a trip scheduled out to California. It's a long story indeed of my experiences there, but for now, I'll just tell you that I completely enjoyed almost all my days out there and met some of the most special people. Again, I was really blessed. Oh, and the whole time I was gone and out of my element, I did not gain an ounce, even though eating low carb stayed a challenge every day.

After returning home, I had the opportunity to see the boys (Coldplay) again! It's so great, it's almost overload. There's lots more, but it will have to wait for the next entry.

Then two days ago... the bad. I cannot stress enough to all of you how important it is to protect your privacy in matters of personal information and credit. I have ALWAYS tried to be so very careful, but two days ago I found my bank account empty. After just totally freaking out, we began making calls and realized my information had been stolen. People have been charging things to my cards, and appear to have ALL my info... name, address, SS#, credit cards, etc. This so totally sucks.

The bank and CC companies are working with us and starting investigations, but for now, I feel very, VERY violated (and real damn poor, I might add.) Please don't let this happen to you. It's a sickening feeling...

January 2003:

January 16, 2003:
Well, lots of people wrote to ask how the Anniversary dinner went. So, I promised to update my journal and tell you. We drove to Columbus to Ruth's Chris (lots of you know it's my favorite restaurant.) When we arrived, the hostess asked if we'd like our usual booth, or if we'd prefer a 'special' table. "Special Table?" I said...

She told me they had a wonderful out-of-the-way private little table that we might enjoy, so I opted for that. I'm guessing they assumed I would, because when we arrived at the table, a large crystal vase with fresh flowers was waiting. Inside, a little balloon proclaimed, "Happy Anniversary." We had not told them it was our Anniversary when we made reservations, but we'd mentioned it was coming up (and the date) the last time we dined there (before Christmas.) They remembered.

The flowers were specifically from our waitress, Nicole, and the management came over (Adrian and Debbie) to bring me a bottle of my favorite wine: a '97 Bodegas Montecillo Rioja Reserva ($44 a bottle -- I can rarely afford it by the glass, let alone the bottle) as their gift to me. Then they gave me a second bottle to bring home for later. They paid for our desserts (sugarfree of course) and treated us like family during the whole visit. We ended up spending well over 3 hours there enjoying that meal. (I had a petite filet with béarnaise sauce and grilled shrimp, and a side of the best broccoli au gratin I've ever had.) It was just completely lovely. They've allowed us to bring in a case of Diet RC which they keep in the wine room, so that when I eat there, I don't have to have an aspartame sweetened drink. I just can't recommend these people highly enough.

Okay, this is weird. As I am writing this, my mail came. We received an Anniversary CARD from Ruth's Chris of Columbus. Wow.

Anyway, it was nice that Rich and I had such a great time, because ever since I have been so swamped with work it's been hard to come up for air. I'm not even sure how I managed to find the time to get this entry done. I need to find a way to invent the 40-hour day. Tuesday I worked all day with a photographer, but that's okay... he's one of my most favorite people (now if I could only get him to low carb... he thinks because he's thin and good looking, he doesn't need to cut the sugar..) Ah well, I'm always trying to save the world.

It's snowing here again and is supposed to get pretty awful. Hope not... it always happens at the weekends. And don't laugh, but I'm pretty sure I'll be going to see Two Towers again this weekend (yes, it will be my 5th time to see it... I got it bad.)

I will be seeing friends from St. Louis in two weeks that I have not seen in nearly 13 years. Needless to say, they have not seen me since the weight loss. Though since that time, I gained a lot more before I found low carb and lost it. I can't for the life of me remember exactly where I was (weight-wise) 13 years ago, so I don't know if I'll look a lot different to them or not. I'm going there for a Coldplay concert (yeah, I know.. no one is shocked), and will be there for 3 days; then it's right back to work.

I have been very, VERY into another band lately, though... they're called anabret -- a local Seattle band. I've gotten to know the drummer pretty well, and have totally fallen in love with their music. Their lyrics are smart and memorable, and their sound never fails to touch my heart... You can hear some of their music at their site if you want to see if you agree. Let's just say I've made copies of their CD for my office, car, and home.

Gotta run... it's actually time for dinner. (And BTW, I've lost only another 1/2 pound since last update, but that ain't bad at all.)

January 13, 2003:
What an interesting day this has proven to be. First, it's my 14th wedding anniversary. Yep.. Richard has been putting up with me for 14 long years now. [grin] It's never been boring, I can tell you that.

I had Rich call our family doctor a couple of weeks ago to get appointments for each of us to have blood work done, as we were way, way past due. (I get so busy with work and with LCL that time really gets away from me.) Anyway, he called for the appointments and didn't realize until later that he'd gotten them for today. Hmmm... having blood drawn for our Anniversary. Seems an interesting thing to do on a special day.

This morning we went to that appointment (9 AM for both of us), and I ended up glad I went. Here's why... I figure this has to rate among women's top 10 fantasies: I'm in the little exam room waiting for the doc (yes, fully dressed ... I'm there to get blood work done only.) It's been a long time since he's seen me (at least 8 months, maybe more; I can't recall.) He walks in, looks at me, and stops. He says, "You're so skinny!" Now, is that a fantasy, or what? [smile]

On the serious side, I'll know in a week what my results are. He did a full work up, from blood chem to thyroid and liver/kidney function. We spent the rest of the time talking about movies (Catch Me If You Can, Two Weeks Notice, and Lord of the Rings, plus some old movies.) Then we talked about the low carb diet and he told me I was his greatest success story. Wow, what a great doctor.

I'm off to have a lovely Anniversary dinner with my husband...