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    Journal - Fourth Quarter 2002  

A compliment is not worth anything until it's given away.       

October thru December 2002:

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December 2002:

December 31, 2002:
Happy New Year to each of you!

Our Christmas was lovely. We celebrated a bit late as car problems and the unexpected heavy snows kept my son and daughter-in-law stranded for awhile until they could make it here, but in the end, it was a fabulous Christmas because we were all together and enjoyed every minute. We had egg nog (low carb, of course), played games, opened gifts, and went to see Lord Of The Rings (for the 2nd or 3rd time.) Okay, I admit I'm hooked. I always have to watch The Fellowship Of The Ring extended edition DVD the day before I go to the theatre to watch The Two Towers. To me, it's a continuation of the same movie. Wouldn't you love to spend a few days in Rivendell with Aragorn and Legolas? [big grin]

We also went to see Two Weeks Notice (Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant)... terrific movie. I recommend it.

Weight-loss wise, I've lost two more pounds; then gained them back... so we won't talk about that. ;) I should do better when my schedule goes back to post-holiday hours and I can be more regimented and plan things better. All in all, any holiday where I don't gain any net weight is a victory.

Here's hoping 2003 is a wonderful year, filled with success and happiness for each of you.

December 19, 2002:
I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving and is pretty close to finished with all their Christmas plans... I had a nice Turkey Day. My son and daughter-in-law came up and we had 2 turkeys -- one deep fried (my son did that) and one big 22lb organic fresh (Landis) turkey. Both came out excellent. I ate more than I usually do, but quantity only... it did not seem at all difficult to avoid anything with more carbs than I'd want. Something else to surely be grateful for.

I have decorated the entire house (inside and out) for Christmas this year. Some years I do more than other years, and this year seemed to call for it. (Don't ask me how I decide... I just know.) I kept remembering all the little touches my Mom did for the holidays and this year I wanted to follow her lead. I really miss her. Christmas is always especially a hard time to realize how little family I have left. I hung her ornament on the tree as the final thing to adorn it. It's an ornament from Germany that she was given when she was very small and that hung on every Christmas tree of her life. I am so glad that it now lives with me. I also hung my paternal grandfather's ornament. It's over 100 years old (having come from his father) and plays music from inside the gold ball. After all these many years, it still plays its tune each holiday.

I hope each of you can hold memories so dear. They truly are the best gifts we ever receive.

November 2002:

November 20, 2002:
It's been one of those days that's followed "one of those weeks." I've been fighting some virus for the last few weeks and have felt pretty icky. You know those times when you do just what you absolutely have to in order to meet your obligations and not much more.

I've got my book nearly ready to go to press, so I guess there's something to be said for more time 'sitting on your butt.' [grin] I have a group meeting this weekend to get some new products evaluated including a very innovative new line of frozen low carb meals! Yeah!

I've had a 10-day plateau, but if you know me at all, you know I consider that nothing at all. All in all, I've done very well weight loss wise. It's been slow (and I've learned to live with that) but I've lost an additional 6 1/2 pounds since my last entry. And other than this recent virus, I've felt really exceptional. I've recently found out I'll be going to L.A. again in February, and I've really missed California, so I'm very glad to be going. I'll also be going to St. Louis the same month, and since Coldplay (you all know they're my favorite band) will be playing the Savvis Center that week, so consider me there. ;) Then sometime next year, I'll be headed to London. I've never been there, so it will be an experience. I'm grateful to have a job that allows me to travel like this.

So are you all ready for Thanksgiving? I've already been cooking for weeks getting recipes and articles done, but somehow I'll still enjoy every minute of this year's big feast. (Of course I am elected to cook again...) Well, back to work with me... I am always behind.