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    Journal - Third Quarter 2001  

A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.       

July thru September 2001:

All entries are organized in reverse-chronological order so the newest entry is always at the
top. (If you're reading the journal for the first time, you might wish to start where I began
(the 3rd Quarter of 1999) and go to the bottom to begin reading.

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September 2001:

September 12, 2001:
Almost exactly 1 year ago, my entry here noted a local tragedy — the tornado that hit our town. This year, we've learned the true meaning of devastation. Oh dear God, I could hardly believe all I've seen and heard over the last 24 hours.

Our prayers are with all those who've been touched by this horror of inhumanity. If any of our readers need anything, please contact us and if there's a way to help, we will do so. We hope you will also. If you are able to give blood, give money, or give of your time, please contact your local Red Cross chapter. We are doing what we can on our end. My husband, as many of you know, is a Federal worker (U.S. Dept of Justice) and things will continue to be off-kilter for the forseeable future. Also, needless to say, my trip across the country will be postponed.

September 8, 2001:
Today was my birthday. It was wonderful. Richard filled the entire day with enchanting little surprises. I am blessed...

August 2001:

August 14, 2001:
Wow, I never cease to be shocked at how long I've been taking between entries. I'd sworn to try and be better about it and write more often, but other duties at the site and my "real" work take up so much time, this journal is always the thing that suffers. Well, now I have a little time, so here we go... [grin]

Someone wrote and asked why there have been no updates on my weight. Well, it's because I expect I haven't had much progress in awhile. For the last few months I've found it difficult to be strict enough to lose these last 20 lbs or so when I am working on product evaluations and new recipes EVERY weekend. When our group gets together we cook up a storm and experiment like crazy, which is fun, but not the best thing for strict weight-loss. I know I am at least maintaining, and right now, I felt that continuing the work I started here is more important. All that said, I think I have actually lost 2 more pounds, but since it's "that" week, I'll know better when I get an accurate weight. For the most part, though, I am so happy with where I am (after carrying around that extra 100 lbs for so long!) that I'm not stressing about it. I feel terrific in my own skin. I feel confident and yes, I even feel - dare I say it - sexy. So for now, I'm just living my life and enjoying every minute.

And while I'm rambling on about my thoughts and feelings, I've really been taking notice of how important the smallest things in life really are. We all tend to focus on the big ones, but a moment can make your day if you take note of it. A couple of days ago, my husband and I were just sitting in the living room drinking glasses of cold ginger ale. As Richard finished his, he looked down into the glass and noticed the condensation at the bottom. With his finger, he traced a little heart and handed me the glass. Then he looked at me, told me he loved me, and kissed me very gently. It was "one of those moments." Nothing fancy, planned, or extravagant. But it touched my heart. I wonder how many simple moments brush past us without our noticing them.

Okay, time to ask you guys a question... Anyone out there from either Wichita, Kansas or Anaheim, California that can recommend any "can't miss it" places to visit while there? I haven't been to Anaheim since I was little and I've never been to Wichita, but I find that I will be in both cities this Fall for conferences/seminars. Obviously I will fly to California, but I'm thinking of driving to Kansas. I need a change of scenery. [smile]

July 2001:

July 10, 2001:
Sorry for such a quick entry, but I just didn't want visitors to worry about me. One of our review panel members is recovering from a loss from a fire (due to a lightning strike), and I've had my hands full helping Karen and her family. We're keeping up our regular review and newsletter routine, but most other things are being put on hold for a short time.

Thanks for understanding and thanks for all the good wishes you all send our way every day.