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    Journal - Second Quarter 2001  

A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.       

April thru June 2001:

All entries are organized in reverse-chronological order so the newest entry is always at the
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(the 3rd Quarter of 1999) and go to the bottom to begin reading.

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June 2001:

June 18, 2001:
Just returned after several days away from the site... oodles of mail as always, and I never caught up from the crash we suffered a week ago. Still trying to find that secret to cloning I'm always rummaging around for.

I've been balancing my time with some more personal pursuits to retain a little sanity. Someone reminded me the other day that such pursuits are something I've never shared with "all of you", and of course my reply was, "why would they want to know?" [grin]   Anyway, the upshot was that I would share a few of my "favorite things" since we're all such a family.
  • Music:   My tastes are varied as I love the hard rock of the 70's (Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, The Guess Who, The Stones, and Boston), the beauty of The Moody Blues, and the fun of The Eagles and Kansas. But I adore much of the contemporary play from Matchbox Twenty (especially "Storytellers") to The Calling (yes, I adore "Wherever You Will Go"), to Garth Brooks. Richard and I have a CD collection that can't be held in a single room. I can get lost in Mozart or Beethoven just as easily.

  • Art:   Artistic appreciation and artistic pursuit are two of the largest parts of my world. My home is host to works by Monet and Van Gogh (obviously just prints! [=grin=] ), but even more so I love the works of contemporaries Steven Hanks, Terry Redlin, Jesse Barnes, and Michael Parkes. Of course my own pursuit is important to me as well -- whether it's photography, digital photo-work, traditional painting, or something I've done since I was a child -- counted cross stitch.

  • Television & Movies:   Hmmm... this one is harder to do as my tastes change (and little that I love manages to stay with us for very long.) First, I confess I was drawn to the Star Trek universe from the time I was a kid. Still love it. And I am completely hooked on Showtime's Stargate (so I was so sad to hear this season [starting June 29th] would be its last season.) I like (when I have the time to watch) E.R. , Judging Amy , Law & Order, and C.S.I. In comedy, I'm a sucker for Friends. Frasier's a favorite too.

    As for movies, I equally love a great love story or an action adventure. I've probably seen Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid more than any other single movie, and watch Die Hard (I and II) like clockwork each holiday season.

    I have my moods -- sometimes it's PBS, Discovery, or the History Channel... other times I enjoy getting into a case on Court TV. And I so enjoy re-watching the old Columbo and Ellery Queen series'. In a class all by itself is "Crossing Over with John Edward" -- Okay, I am simply nuts about him.

  • Collecting:   Some of you already know I collect Fenton Art Glass. I started with my Mother's collection (and a bit of my grandmothers'), but have been in love with this beautifully crafted glass for years. A part of my collection can be seen online. I also collect Murano Birds. If you've never heard of them, here's a photo of three of them I own, and here and here are two shots of my newest one. A number of years ago, I used to collect Barbie Dolls, but eventually left it behind -- I now keep only a few dolls that were very special to me as well as the Bob Mackie dolls. Lastly, I have a gigantic collection of cookbooks (including of course, every low-carb one ever published.) I love to cook -- thank goodness.

  • Favorite Pursuits:   Other than those listed above, I love to travel and explore new places. But home and hearth are also dear to me and decorating and redecorating are a passion. Friends are important to me and I am a loyal one. I am also a political activist with my "causes" being of great importance to me. My dad always said I was tilting at windmills, but I know that all great journeys begin with a single step.

    I love to read (when I have the time) and enjoy a good murder mystery (probably my favorite) or sci-fi, but I'm just as content to read a good cookbook, a political essay, historical accounts, or medical/health research papers.
Okay, I expect you know more about me than you wanted to now... [smile], so... I have to get back to work.

June 6, 2001:

Feeling lots better physically -- and it's a good thing since I'm going my usual thousand miles an hour over here. I guess I have to realize I'm only going to get one or two entries in here each month with all the other areas of the site and newsletter that so need my time.

Today would have been my parent's anniversary. It's a day that was always so special to them that we always made a big deal of it for them, and now that they're gone, I think of them all day each June 6th. I like to believe they are still with me each and every day, though...

May 2001:

May 11, 2001:
What an "icky" week. After going through so much with my right foot in February and March, this month I managed to break my ankle bone in my left foot. For those who get our newsletter, you already know how I did it -- I dropped a mayonnaise jar from a high shelf onto my ankle bone. Sheeesh... I guess it's kind of comical, but gracious... I really LIKE having 2 feet!

I've run behind getting reviews typed up again also. I'm sorry, folks. I've just got such a busy schedule I'm having trouble juggling time again. Anyway, we've done a lot more product evaluations and I will try to get them typed up and published this coming week.

On another note, costs for running this site -- keeping the products for reviews coming in, the groceries needed to "create" with them, the ingredients for the recipe development, the bandwidth and usage costs for the site, and so much more -- have become so large that it's getting more and more difficult for my family to maintain alone. Other than taking limited sponsorship ads for our newsletter ONLY (and that's what keeps the newsletter going!), we've stayed ad-free (which we feel we must so that we remain unbiased for product reviews etc.), but after fighting with myself about this for the last six months, we finally decided to take donations if anyone feels they want to help and contribute. We set the page up here, and we'll see how it goes. Some people have written saying they wish there was a way they could help. Perhaps this can help keep us afloat.

April 2001:

April 30, 2001:
It's been an interesting month -- as crazy as my life always seems to be now. The wildest thing I did this month? After 17 years of not taking to the rides at amusement parks, I went to a Paramount park and rode ride after ride until 20 minutes before the park closed. I braved roller coasters and wild rides I never thought an "old lady" like me could handle and I had a total blast. So why did it take me so long to spend a day like this? Because before low-carbing, I feared I'd be too fat to comfortably ride. The terrorizing thought of getting into a ride and discovering the "bar" would not go down, or that I'd be told I couldn't ride, was so overwhelming, I'd get ill pondering it.

In actuality, unlike many fears that end up being unfounded, I have little doubt that this fear was totally with merit. Indeed while I was there I saw at least two females turned away from rides because they were too large. And the worst of all -- as we waited to board one coaster, the attendant had trouble disembarking one rider. She was "stuck" in the seat. I could feel her pain as her face went red and everyone watched her dilemma. When she finally got out of the seat, her pants were pulled by the bar and her undergarments were right there on display for everyone -- torn and all. The American Amusement park truly is a chamber of horrors for the overweight.

All that being said, I was surprised at my stamina and the fact that a long hot day with so much walking and so much activity never had me out of breath or over tired. Isn't low-carb great? It offers so many little "gifts."

April 20, 2001:
I lost someone dear to me recently and have been in a period of grief, I suppose. Somethings in life are not helped by the diet. (And I thought it could fix anything.) At the same time I learned of someone else close to me that will now be waging a battle with cancer. What a terrible month this has been. Sorry to be such a downer today...