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    Journal - First Quarter 2001  

Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.       

January thru March 2001:

All entries are organized in reverse-chronological order so the newest entry is always at the
top. (If you're reading the journal for the first time, you might wish to start where I began
(the 3rd Quarter of 1999) and go to the bottom to begin reading.

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March 2001:

March 26, 2001:
Well, after a several week period of working 12-16 hour days, I'm finally down to a more normal (for me) pace of 8-12 hour days (but still 6 days a week.) I need a vacation. I discovered from this time of over-pushing myself that when you don't make time for yourself, your body rebels. I have not felt well, and why should I? Little sleep and too many carbs. I've floated in and out of ketosis as I found myself not planning ahead and making the smartest choices. No, I didn't run for Krispy Kreme and balloon up, but I sure didn't do anything to keep my weight loss going either. I've stalled myself again, and this one is self-done. I'm smacking myself right now and plan to get my food plan in order immediately. I will NEVER go back to those days when food controlled me.

You've doubtless noticed there have been no new reviews for the last week and a half, either. It's not because we haven't had our groups, or because we didn't evaluate anything. It's just because I've fallen behind on getting them written up. I'm back on the case this week, though, so watch for some super new items!

Lastly, if you've written me in the last 3 weeks and have received no reply, there's a good chance I never got your mail. We had server problems twice. Whenever I'd try to manually get my mail from the server (it wasn't reading automatically) it would crash and error out. It seems I was hit with so many SPAMS with attachments, it overloaded and corrupted the mail file. I ended up losing a lot of e-mail. Wow, I REALLY hate Spam. For heaven's sake, I don't want to see "hot young girls", and I don't want to "increase the size of my..." (well, anything!)

So if you've written and think it's something I should have replied to, please resend your mail. Thanks everyone.

March 9, 2001:
Still having trouble with my foot (sad) and just HATE not being able to get around "normally." Still trying to keep my schedule up, though. And still keeping all product review meetings going. Wondering about my weight? Me too. I refuse to weigh while I am forced to be this inactive and not exercising. Rich says I look like I've lost more weight — yes, I've said "Oh, sure, right...", but he insists, so we'll see when I get better. I will not be obsessed with every pound while I'm trying to heal.

Rich and I drove up to Canada for the day to see a client and managed to get some very cool Splenda sweetened LC products. I can't resist scoping out groceries in every city we go to. [grin] We brought a GIANT cooler back with goodies. Of course all that walking through stores just killed my foot.

February 2001:

February 15, 2001:
Today my son is 27 years old. Sheesh! I can't believe all these years have slipped by. Where did the time go? And how did I get this old?

I went to a Podiatrist this morning for the problem I was having with my foot. Turns out I have something called a neuroma. I'd never heard of it before. He gave me a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory injection and a prescription for Celebrex. My next visit in a week will determine if I need surgery. Ick. I am walking mighty funny now. The doctor was very nice, though, and we discussed low-carbing a bit. It's nice that there are more and more in the medical profession that don't wince when you tell them you low-carb.

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but I had a terrific Valentine's Day and hope everyone else did as well! My sweetie was very good to me. Did I mention I adore him?

February 9, 2001:
Just finished work for the day (it's been a long one) and I wanted to get an entry in here before I go send off this week's newsletter. When I opened the journal, I realized I had forgotten to upload the last (January 27th) entry. No comments about my age, okay?

I've been sitting up late nights reading the series of Diane Mott Davidson's culinary mysteries. Those things are addictive! If you're not familiar with her, she spins great murder mystery tales and her main character is a chef/caterer, so in between her chapters are the full recipes of the dishes she's cooking in the stories. They look fabulous and if I ever find the time, I'm hoping to try and convert a few to low-carb and share them with you all.

Will it ever stop raining here? Well, back to work...

January 2001:

January 27, 2001:
We're a few hours' away from a review panel meeting and I was doing some maintenence to the site when I realized I'd let 3 weeks go by without an entry here again. If I can find a way to add just a few more minutes into all our days so we can get things done, I am quite sure I'll be a millionaire.

It's been a hectic month as there are so many new low-carb items coming onto the scene, we've been working hard to get as many as possible ordered in and ready to review. There should be quite a deluge of new product reviews coming up!

I've injured my right foot and am walking a little slower than usual, maybe that's responsible for my weight loss slow-down again. I've only lost another pound and a half since last entry. Ah well... I'm so close now, I'll stop complaining!

Richard and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary last week. I can't believe my luck at getting to spend my life — all these terrific years — with such a special person.

January 3, 2001:
Here we are in another new year... Since new years mean new resolutions, my mailbox has been more full than ever as new people choose to begin low-carbing to meet their weight goals. I saw a news report that indicated that the #1 New Years Resolution (by a huge margin) is "Lose Weight." I remember all the times I sat down at the beginnings of each year and topped my list of resolutions just that way... Most of those years I always started out by starving myself. I'd begin with the usual self-recriminations, angry with myself for allowing my body to fall into such "disrepair." Of course, each time I went through the "cycle", I was doing more damage. Almost no one can really succeed on a diet that makes you constantly hungry, deprived, and miserable. So New Years to me, is now often more a time of giving thanks than Thanksgiving is. It always reminds me that this year finally is different.

I have packed up and put away all my Christmas decorations, lights, trees, etal. I love Christmas, but I also like the clean look when the house is restored to normalcy afterward. Yep, I confess -- I am one of those people that when driving to the store in February and see people with Christmas trees still up (and lit!) in their front windows and Santa displays on the lawn, I shake my head... Richard just giggles at me and makes a joke about them getting a head-start for next year. Me... I like an ordered existence. I like my home "dressed" for the Christmas season the day after Thanksgiving, and I want it all down and packed away the day after New Years. I'm not sure what all that says about me...