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    Journal - Third Quarter 2000  

Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.       

July thru September 2000:

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September 2000:

September 21, 2000:

S P E C I A L   N O T I C E :  
The town in which we live - Xenia, Ohio - was hit by a devastating tornado last night. Richard and I were at ground-zero when it occured. We chose that time to make a "quick run to Wal-Mart and Kroger." If you've seen the news footage, you've likely seen the Wal-Mart parking lot which took the biggest hit, though there are so very many homes destroyed and businesses lost and buildings leveled. My car - (the Buick LeSabre I got for Christmas) was in that lot. There is no part of the car undamaged. Richard and I ran to the back of the store to take cover and are unharmed but shaken. Our town is in chaos. Please, everyone, bear with us as we try to get back to normal.   Roads are closed; and power is intermittent.

September 9, 2000: First, let's get the weight progress thing outta the way. Still nothing. Since I last journaled here, I tried a 3-day meat fast and a mini-reversal diet. I've tried lowering my calories and upping them. No movement at all. And for most of the time I've kept up my 2 miles per day to keep my metabolism up. It's either that I am building muscle right now and so no weight changes are appearing, or I am simply at a stand-still until my body decides it's ready to go on. Wow, how frustrating. A few times I have found myself nearly at the point of tears. After three days with nothing but meat and water, it was hard to believe I'd gotten no results. I've decided to just go back to what works for me as far as making me feel energetic and healthy, and just let my body move on when it's ready.

This past Friday was my birthday. Rich was a real sweetie and completely spoiled me. He took me to a fabulous lobster dinner, and gave me a gift bag filled with an assortment of great gifts. Then he actually baked me a birthday cake (low carb of course!) It was so good that I got him to type up the recipe and I took a photo of the cake to share with you all. So here it is!

We've been working hard at behind-the-scenes stuff here at Low Carb Luxury, so watch for some cool new things really soon. And at the rate new products keep coming out, I think it's obvious we'll be staying very busy with Product Reviews. We had a review meeting this evening. They're great! People's creativity really shines when faced with a challenge, don't they?

Hasn't it been great to finally see Splenda hit the stores here? It's wonderful just adding it to the grocery list when you shop! In case you hadn't heard, read the details here.

August 2000:

August 17, 2000: Since my last entry I have held to my plans and am now doing about 2 miles per day. I feel great and have a lot of energy. Five days a week is working out great. I'd like to be able to get my exercise in in the mornings, but my schedule does not make this possible, so I am doing it every evening after work and before dinner. I believe it's probably doing a great job of getting my metabolic rate up before eating anyway.

Rich had surgery the end of last week, so things have been even less to-schedule than normal, but we're handling it fine. This has been 'time of month' week for me as well, so I am not even considering weighing. I am very excited about how amazingly good I am feeling, though!

By the way, if you've written me, you've probably noticed I'm running behind on correspondence again. Why, oh why aren't there more hours in the day?

August 8, 2000: Well, I got to thinking after yesterday's entry that just because things are too hectic to work on a meat-fast (takes a few days' prep to get the food ready), there's no reason to wait on plunging into an exercise regime. (It's not that I haven't been exercising at all, but it's been too sporadic and changing to be of proper benefit.) So last night before dinner I hit the pavement for about a half hour and got a good workout (yes, I feel it a little today.) Rich joined me and it made it more fun! I'll continue this so long as the weather permits. When Winter comes I'll be moving to an indoor program. My plan is for 4-5 days per week and I ought to be able to work that around my job and our review panel meetings.

August 7, 2000: Yes, it's been three weeks since I last updated this journal. It's hard for me to make myself write that I am still on the damn plateau. It's been a very stressful month because work has been overwhelming, I've been taking care of my dear husband while he was sick, and everything we own chose this month to "break down." Two of our cars experienced problems with their electrical systems within 1 week of each other. (What are the chances?) Within 48 hours of having the first one fixed (under warranty, no charge), the other goes out (no warranty, big ole expense!) And this after 2 1/2 weeks of rounds with Sears to get them to the house to fix the "motor board" on our washer. What's a motor board, you ask? It's apparantly the computer board that controls the washing machine's power controls and cycle settings. Sears was out 4 times before all parts were in and the machine was fixed. And each time meant staying by the phone when they call to set the appointment each morning between 7 and 9:30 AM; then being here during their 3-4 hour window. That's fixed, but now our central air unit is leaking into our furnace (our house is only 3 1/2 years old.)

Anyway, diet-wise, I have decided that when I get my three current clients at work completed, I am embarking on a new more structured exercise plan as well as another 3-day meat-fast to kick start things again. I've recently spoken to another woman who has been stuck - 60 lbs from her goal weight - for more than 5 months. And she insists she has not been cheating and has changed nothing. So I'll be grateful I am not worse off. People have asked me how come I haven't gotten frustrated and quit the diet or at least cheated. Well, because weight loss progress or not, I feel wonderful on the diet - truly a way of life - and I feel terrible, sick and weak off the diet. While I have never once intentionally cheated in this year and a half of low-carbing, I have had days where I inadvertantly got too many carbs in me - more often from a dining out experience - but sometimes from a calculation error. And on those times I've felt simply awful. To me, this "diet" is life.

Now, on to brighter things. Richard and I got up at 4 am last weekend and drove up to Pennslyvania. Rich had never been there, and I have not been there since I was a kid. We went up to Grove City and shopped, found some wonderful restaurants (reviews coming) in the Pittsburgh area, and had a fabulous time. It was one of those days where everything just fell in place and it was a beautiful day. Those are the days I'd like to "put in a scrapbook" and re-live from time to time. We also got some great low-carb finds that we brought back for the group to review, as well as some real treasures for my glass collection.

A big heartfelt thank you to all the people who have written to ask if I've hit the 100-mark yet, and those who have written to cheer me on. You guys are just great. I will make sure there is a big-ole announcement on the main page of the site when I hit the mark. I am only weighing every week to ten days now so I don't feel discouraged, but since I have plans to force things into gear, we're hoping it will be soon now. Okay, gotta close this entry. I have to get to "real" work, and then I need to write up some of the product reviews from our last panel group (which is so much fun, by the way!)

July 2000:

July 15, 2000: Well, I finally have the answer ... I am officially stuck. Stalled at ONE pound from my celebration weight. Okay, no use dwelling on it.

My back is much better and only a twinge of soreness remains. I am beginning to really feel good again. As I mentioned in my previous entry, your letters of concern really have touched me. You're all really so much a part of my family.

We are back from St. Louis. The wedding went well; Rich's brother seemed beamingly happy; the bride was reserved, sweet, and very pretty. I hope they'll be as happy as Richard and I are. I think it meant a lot to Rich for us to be there. My son came also, but his wife stayed at home in South Carolina, as she had to work.

Wow, I'd forgotten how hot the Summers get there. The day of the wedding it was 103! And so humid, it was oppresive. Before losing this weight, that heat would have killed me. Luckily, I never really broke a sweat.

One thing we always do when we get to St. Louis is eat. I have to say that they have some fabulous restaurants there. But the thing I enjoyed the most was going to a local fast food chain there called Lion's Choice. They serve real roast beef there -- not that chopped-and-formed pretend stuff Arby's serves up. They have a huge medium rare very lean beef roast that gets sliced paper thin and they pile it really high and top it with Swiss cheese. If you've never tried one, you have no idea what you are missing. I've tried to find something similar all over the country to no avail. Of course they do come on a bun that I toss away in favor of thin slices of my homemade Gabi's Bread I brought with me for the trip. It was heavenly. And when we brought them back to the hotel room (we stayed at a Homewood Suites and had a full kitchen), we served them up with our own root beer floats made with sugar-free lowcarb ice cream and Diet Fitz's Root Beer (made at a micro brewery in St. Louis.) Okay, so I am still obsessed with food... at least now it's good, healthy food! I stayed in ketosis the whole trip, so I think I did okay. I wanted to pick up a few pieces of Fenton Art Glass at Cracker Barrel, so we even had to find a way to eat low-carb there. We managed it nicely. Did you guys know I was a Fenton Glass junkie? I adore it. I especially love collecting the little mice. Here's a page online that displays a tiny bit of my collection (I have over 400 pieces.)

Okay, enough rambling...

July 7, 2000: Nope - it's a week and a half and still no 100-lb celebration. Not that I haven't hit that mark, but I still don't know for sure. It seems back injuries take longer to heal than I thought, so while I am improved, it's still keeping me from most of my normal "routine." And to top it off, it's now back to that interesting time of the month when you carry a bit of extra weight around anyway, so I still refuse to check. I want to feel great and be me when I celebrate the mark!!

I'm really touched by the deluge of letters I've gotten of concern about my back, wondering if I'd hit 100 (and cheering me on), and concerned that I hadn't written in the journal this week. It truly means a lot to me to know that people care. I promise that when I hit that mark, you will positively, absolutely know it - that day!

Well, we're off to St. Louis for a few days. Richard's brother is getting married Saturday. I have not seen his family in quite some time (ie many years) so I am very nervous about this.