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    Journal - Second Quarter 2000  

Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.       

April thru June 2000:

All entries are organized in reverse-chronological order so the newest entry is always at the
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(the 3rd Quarter of 1999) and go to the bottom to begin reading.

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June 2000:

June 23, 2000: I figured I better place an entry in here for those of you waiting to see if I lost that extra pound to make it to the "official" 100. Well, I don't know. This past week I hurt my back rather badly (do I think I'm Super-woman now?!) I've been in a lot of pain and have been very off-routine -- including any decent exercise. I decided if I stepped on the scale and had lost the pound that gave me 100, I'd just be sad that I was too "laid up" to celebrate, and I don't want to be cheated out of that. So I have just not checked. The pain is a little improved and I am hoping to be somewhat functional-normal next week so I can get on with life. (Yes, I'm still working, but of course mostly sitting on my butt - albeit a far less big butt -- [grin].) I've fallen behind in e-mail again too, so I hope everyone will be patient with me. Thanks!

June 16, 2000: Wow... another pound. It's as though the always-welcome "woosh fairy" has visited! 99 lbs! One more till I hit 100. I started this with three goals - the first was to lose 60 lbs by my son's wedding. Did that (62 actually.) Second - to get to the 100 lbs lost mark - almost there. The third, my final goal weight, is fuzzier. I never set a number because I haven't been at ideal weight for a long time and I'm not sure what's right for me. Right now I am thinking I might be able to get another 30-40 lbs off, but I'm not sure. I want to be reasonable. I'm not 20 anymore and I can't look like Ally McBeal.

Last night's dinner - tuna noodle casserole (tuna in low-carb noodles with a rich parmesan cream sauce and crispy bread crumbs on top made with Gabi's low-carb bread.) It was so delicious. I ate a full bowl of it and was stuffed but Richard loved it so much he had three helpings and finished it off! We also each had 1 slice of the warm bread with butter and e.d. smith's Splenda-sweetened blueberry jam. Then for dessert, a big bowl of Keto strawberry ice cream made with big fresh strawberries. What a wonderful way to eat. And this morning - still in good ketosis and another pound lost. Who would believe I am eating pasta and bread and ice cream?!

June 15, 2000: Rushing to meet a client deadline at work and keeping long hours, but I had to pop in and post that I'd lost another of those pesky pounds, putting me at a 98 lb loss now - only 2 more to go before the big 100! Everything's too big again - time to shop. I don't even have anything to sleep in that doesn't fall off me. This is so totally cool. (Sometimes I'm like a kid at Christmas!)

June 13, 2000: Eeek. It's been three weeks since last entry. Well, only 1 lb loss since then, so 3 more to go to hit 100! Since I last wrote, we made a trip to Chicago (had a lot of fun and it was so nice to get away!) We went to a few health food stores in the area (we mostly stayed within a 30-mile radius of O'Hare) to pick up some items for our panel to review, and also explored the groceries there since all areas of the country seem to have different items. We came back with the trusty LeSabre's trunk filled to the max. (And that's saying something with that huge trunk!) We got 7 cases of Diet RC (we usually have to order it and the shipping doubles the cost of the soda.) But we were pleasantly surprised to find that the Jewel stores carry Diet Rite's more hard-to-find flavors: Peach, Mango-Melon, Black Cherry, Fruit Punch, Lemonade, etc. And yes, in the Splenda-sweetened versions. So that further filled the trunk. I also stocked up on the new Splenda-sweetened Estee Syrup which is hard to find here in Southwestern Ohio.

I decided this week was a good time to try getting back to experimenting with bread recipes (for the bread machine.) I've really wanted to get one that gave us the very best taste and real-bread consistency for the fairest number of carbs. One that you may be familiar with - created by Gabi Moeller - turned out to be an incredible success! If you've read my journal's earlier entries, you know I'm not exactly a bread machine expert. One of my visitors kindly offered me her help, but in a server crash I lost her e-mail, so I ventured it alone again. First attempt the night before last failed. It was tasty, but bore little resemblance to the look of bread. I wrote to Gabi and she offered some suggestions and voila! Last night we baked a perfect loaf of some of the best bread I've ever had.

No one would dream we were low-carbing if they'd seen the meal we had last night. It had been another very hectic day and I had not eaten at all (a big no-no in lc'ing) so I was really starved. We made a pot of the ProSlim lowcarb pasta and topped it with Newman's Sockarooni Sauce, mushrooms, meatballs and a ton of shredded parmesan. It was heavenly. I also had a bowl of fresh strawberries and a dish of the new Keto Chocolate ice cream (at 3.5 carbs a bowl, it's super - review coming!) And when the bread was done, we each had a slice warm with butter. My total carbs for the day were 22 and I enjoyed every bite! I cannot get over what a luxury this diet is. And this morning I was, of course, still nice and "purple."

May 2000:

May 19, 2000: My usual fast pace is going to make this another short one (I'll try to write again soon), but I wanted to mention that we'll be adding some new areas to the site soon, so watch for them. This site is sometimes like an unruly child; growing at a pace I can't slow and taking on a life of its own. Also, I'm at a 96 lb loss and feeling just terrific! (I am SOoooo looking forward to that 100!!)

May 12, 2000: I have been keeping a food diary for the last 5 days to get a handle on patterns - when I am in the deepest Ketosis; when I have the most and least hunger, etc. It's helped me see things that are harder to see in the big picture. Even if you're a seasoned veteran, I suggest you try doing this. I haven't kept strict written track of my patterns in a whole year and some things surprised me. Like when I have an exceptionally low-carb meal the night before, I continue to have no hunger at all through the next afternoon. I have to force myself to have something, so I am satisfied with less... and can easily make that be more protein-rich fare. As soon as I started doing this, I started losing again. I achieved a 95 lb loss as of this morning. And I'm feeling my usual very-high energy level. Well, back to "real" work....

May 7, 2000: Uh, oh... three entries in a week... this is getting scary!
Richard and I drove to Canada yesterday. We stocked up on Splenda, cyclamates, some special food brands we love and can't get here, and we found that e.d. smith (they make jams, jellies, syrups, etc.) had made the move to Splenda. They are just fabulous and only 2.5 grams per serving (some less)! We had fun on the trip as we usually do (in case you haven't noticed by now, I am madly in love with my husband and enjoy every minute I spend with him - he's so much fun!) We took some extra time to do some exploring, plus we fed the gulls that are always present in the Great Lakes areas. All in all, a really good day!

One thing that really hit home on this trip, though... We started travelling to Canada (usually Windsor) on a regular basis about 5 years ago. At first for business (I have a client there) and later to pick up low-carb goodies. I used to be very aware (it was really noticable) that the Canadian people where thinner than Americans. Doorways in stores and malls were smaller and turnstyles were smaller. (Believe me - when you're overweight, you notice these things!) But as we sat in our car and watched people carrying out their daily routines, we noticed that the population there as a whole had surely gotten fatter. Nearly as heavy - percentage-wise as we are seeing in America now. It occured to me that the low-fat craze really did hit America first and it took a little longer for the devastating effects of this trend to hit the Canadian people. I remembered commenting years ago when "Kentucky Fried Chicken" changed their name to "KFC" (so the word "fried" would not be a part of their name), that Canadian locations had not jumped on the bandwagon -- they had not yet become fat phobic. Well, they made the jump, and you can see the difference. As people that visit there only several times a year, we can tell you that visual changes in the people there are easily -- and strikingly -- noticed!

May 5, 2000: Hey, two entries in a week...
I finally seem to be moving downward on the scale again. ["Mini-wave in celebration of me!" - Chandler, Friends.] I'm at a 93 lb loss and am feeling simply wonderful.

This morning I was feeling pretty sick - I'd caught one of those 24-hour things that used to actually affect me for more like 48 hours... or more. But now, while I still get sick, I seem to 'knock them out' in 4-8 hours and end up feeling really good and energetic. When I was a kid, my mom always referred to me as "sickly" because I'd get everything. If there was any cold, flu or other bug going around, you could count on Lora to get it. That may be why I was always a frail thin child - I could rarely keep anything down. I think, looking back, that my daily deluge of well-meaning home-baked sugary 'treasures' from Mom were keeping me sick all the time.

At the risk of angering a few folks that read this, I have to say that it all brings to mind the many letters I receive who make mention in passing that they still "need to keep the sugary treats in the house - for the kids." Huh? We love our kids, but we want to wish on them the problems we've all had from a life of a sugar-filled diet? No one's saying kids need to be low-carb (unless they already have a weight problem), but for heaven's sake - they don't need a daily allowance of sugar and white flour!   ... [off soap box] ...

May 2, 2000: I do wish I could find the time to update this journal more often. I try to spend the time I devote to the site on writing up the product reviews, gathering news, processing restaurant reviews, etc. But it is always somewhat cathartic to write my thoughts down here in this "diary"...

I've only lost 2 1/2 lbs in the last two months, so that's been a little frustrating, but other than that, life has been great. Losing this weight and feeling healthy and vibrant every day has brought so many changes to my life. And I treasure every minute that much more! I'll bet many of you out there that have been on this journey awhile have noticed this as well, but my relationship with my wonderful husband has become so much closer; so much more intimate; so much sweeter. It's as though we've fallen in love all over again. He made the comment that it's like we've been married 11 days, not 11 years! But it's so much more... I see the world differently. I enjoy time outside, time on-the-run, time spent exploring new things. I feel so re-born! Okay, okay, so I am sounding a little corny and over-dramatic. But right now I truly feel these things and I've decided not to feel self-conscious about it, and to give myself permission to feel whatever I like!

New subject -- Rich and I were in the grocery a few days ago looking at the rows and rows of new-for-Summer "healthy" low-fat ice creams. Each one more filled with sugars than the last. A few said "no sugar added", but they were filled with "other" sugars that don't fall under the heading of "white sugar." And there in the freezer case at the very end was "Frosty Paws" -- an ice cream-like frozen treat for dogs. I'd seen it before and not given it a second thought, but I told Richard to hand it to me and we read the ingredients together. Wow - it may have been for pets, but it was the healthiest thing on the shelf. The ingredients were proteins, essential fats, and added nutrients (plus a few requisite "flavorings" added.) Not a carbohydrate or sugar in sight. We truly do feed our pets better than we feed ourselves in America. We wouldn't dream of giving Fido a diet of Snicker's Bars and Twinkies, but it's okay for us? ...and our children?

I spent three days of last week doing the "meat fast" (similar to the "fat fast" that Atkins recommends for a 3-day period to break plateaus.) With the meat fast, you eat only meats (from red meats, to fowl, to seafood) with a minimum of seasonings, mayo, broths and eggs. I won't kid you - it's not fun. By the end of the third day, I was running on sheer willpower and thought I never wanted to see meat again! [grin] But the next morning I had indeed lost a pound. Were it not for the 'time of the month', I could gauge better where I have gone from here, but I'll know better in another day or two. That will determine if this would be worth ever doing again. I've come to love the fabulous food choices this way of eating affords me and with all the new options and products, I am just that much more spoiled, so giving them up was tough!

April 2000:

April 12, 2000: What an insane month this has been. Gone a lot.. including a long weekend where my dear husband and I were out of town for a large gathering where emotions and stress levels were high. I'm proud of us both for sailing through so well. Our travel was delayed and somewhat hampered by a snow that came out of the blue. Then to top it off, Richard took a spill and sprained his ankle badly. So I have been brushing up on those nursing skills!

Now, the really BIG news - Richard (who has been sugar free for nearly a year now, but not low carb), has made the plunge and gone Atkins! He only wants to lose maybe 5-10 lbs (I think he's perfect now,) but he has watched over this last year as this way of eating has improved my health a thousand-fold, and given me mental clarity, improved my sleep, and made me happy. He realized it isn't hard like so many people think. And heck - he was having to be my guinea pig eating all my low-carb concoctions anyway, so it made sense. In four days he is in deep ketosis (maybe deeper than I can ever remember being.) He's sleeping straight through the night for the first time in years and is already feeling "zippy." So with that, my entire family is now officially low-carb.

Oh yeah.. then there's me. Well, still no weight loss. The plateau continues, but I am refusing to let this ruffle me. When my body is ready to move on, it will. However, in the last month, I have gone down another size - with a little room to spare. So while I was out clothes shopping I discovered a tailored suit to die for with fabulous lines. However, it's a size too small. So what the heck - I bought it anyway. It's the first time in memory I felt totally comfortable blowing money on an expensive suit knowing I'd be able to fit into it shortly. And believe me, I will.