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Family Feud
"100 people surveyed ...
   Name a food that helps keep Americans fat."

      Top nine answers on the board...
  C A N D Y   20
  P O T A T O E S   19
  I C E   C R E A M   16
  B E E F   11
  P I Z Z A   05
  B R E A D   04
  P A S T A   04
  P I E   04
  S U G A R   02

You'll notice that every correct survey answer but ONE represents a high sugar/starch, high carbohydrate food? (And the answer of "beef" was said to be inclusive of hamburgers - complete with bun!)  This 1970's show indicates that before the "Low-Fat" craze that began a few years later, Americans understood the sweet starchy stuff was piling on the pounds. Being told to eat more carbs, less fat in the following years made America go from a 34% obesity rate to a 54% rate. Is this progress?!

Among the incorrect answers given were "bacon" and "butter."